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 sysadmws-formula redesigned for sysadmws-utils-v1:

  • Each utility has its own separate pillar and state that configures this utility, provided that it is installed. Together with the sysadmws-utils-v1 deb package, neither crons nor logrotates are installed – we switched to the concept that you can install a deb without salt management, but you need to add launches using examples by yourself. And for minions under salt – everything is done by pillars.
  • All these pillars are already tied to the park of all servers. Moreover, from the individual description in each minion, they were moved to the beginning of the top pillar file.
  • Descriptions of configs, where they are needed, are naturally linked individually.
  • The general pillars may then begin to vary, then they will have to be individualized again. So far, there are no prerequisites for this, and without them there is less copy-pasting. The doc for accepting a minion has been updated.
  • From the text above, it becomes clear that v1 utilities have already been downloaded for the entire park. In parallel. Plus, the settings for their activation have been made. Because of this, messages can and will be duplicated – there will be both from v0 and v1 until the migration on the minion is completed (until the backup settings are migrated, v0 cannot be deleted). Based on our experience, it’s better to endure duplication of logs and notifications than to complicate the migration procedure.
  • Now, according to the documentation, new minions should already have only v1 of utils in a healthy state.
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