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One toolset and one team for all your server operations

For Small Business

Running business nowadays often requires running one or more servers that keep company’s selling website or enterprise software.

Company can hire full time system administrator, site reliability engineer or DevOps to keep those servers running. But it could be overpriced solution if the infrastructure is small and simple. And moreover IT people could feel uncomfortable in non-IT companies and change job often. Hiring a junior engineer could result in having a bad system design and poor setup.

Outsourcing SRE or DevOps is a good way out of this problem and we can offer our services for that.

We love helping business to plan, setup and operate their servers, OS, applications or websites and offer our long-term expertise in that – some of our engineers are in business of managing Linux servers from the late 90s.

We’ve packed most of our experience in a software solution. It has a set of tools under the hood: Linux services and code templates from the DevOps stack.

Client servers or virtual machines are licensed to connect to our monitoring and management solutions with a monthly subscription fee.

Clients don’t need to know system administration to use our solution – we will set everything up ourselves. After the initial setup we will support servers on client’s requests. All operations are paid hourly.

For Software Development Teams

Web Studios, Internet Agencies, Internet Portals – all those IT-related companies also require running servers for the applications they develop. Many of them wish to focus on their top skills, e.g. design or coding and work without hiring full-stack engineers. So they will to hand over server operations and DevOps to us as a reliable partner.

Another reason for dev teams to work with us is that we have mature and ready to use approach for the server setup and application deployment. We use few tools but know them very well. We develop our own open-sourced tools to do operations faster and in a consistent way.

We help development teams to operate their own servers and servers of their clients. They often integrate our operations to their service workflow.

Microdevops Architecture contains software development components aimed to assist the client team. Teams have options to integrate different ways. For example, they can use own GitLab instance, or we can manage client’s own GitLab; we can keep client infrastructure code in our project repository or use client’s repository as Git submodule.

Also, a significant part of relations with development teams is consultancy. We’ve answered many thousands software engineer’s questions last years. We appreciate the opportunity to help them to move forward and build technologies together.