новина 07.23

With a small fix, we’ve augmented the rsnapshot_backup with the ability to pipe a dump using mysqldump_args, through, for example, pv. This allows you to slow down the dump, thereby more delicately loading the servers with large dumps.

We documented the client parameters in more detail in our system of accounting and management of clients, servers, and billing.

In the same system, errors  in the calculation of the coefficient of the monthly payment for the server have been corrected.

Added the docker builder prune command to the gitlab-runner cleanup script installed via microdevops-formula. Without this command, over time disk space would become clogged with docker builders caches.

Added a couple of features to our domain validity check script: caching (to more gently load whois servers), changed thresholds to minutes instead of days (this is useful in some strange variants of auto-renewal of domains), added retries.

Added an option in the salt.master state to install not only gitlab-runner for salt masters, but also an additional runner for using the server as a salt-ssh runner.

Replaced the default severity level in cmd_check_alert with critical level. For example, when the specified check command is not found at all, then bash issues exit code 127, and then it turned out that in some cases we expected a critical alert, but received a major severity level. The updated logic is more correct.

Added state to the formula to install collabora.

Rocketchat was also added there.

Fixed the error of installing http checks from sensu-plugins on modern systems.

Updated pillar.example and pillar.example.wordpress. These reference examples are now in line with the practices we use in real life lately, the changes are related to the site file folder hierarchy.

We caught an interesting bug on the new Hetzner AX101 servers, which changes the name of the Linux network interface after a reboot. Therefore, we updated the autonomous logging utility bulk_log for logging about all system interfaces (which made it possible to detect this bug) and updated the bootstrap templates for netplan and udev, which allows us to fix this problem.

Added the ability to specify mongodump_args separately from mongo_args, which allowed starting mongodb backups in some non-standard cases.

We registered the domains and because we found these names to be of potential interest to squatters.

And finally, a trifle, but nice: our client, the site, placed a footer on their site: Server support from Microdevops. It’s very nice when clients do this because we, cats, doing our job great 🙂 .

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