Principles of our work

We,  Microdevops engineers, develop software and server operations methodology (DevOps) and administer servers using these solutions. Our goals are the well working servers and applications and the satisfied with the result clients. We do enjoy the process.

We strive to engage great specialists in our company. It gives us pleasure to strain our brains to find elegant and automated solutions to challenging  problems. We like to accumulate knowledge and make complex things simple.

We feel confident when the necessary data is being backed up, and monitoring detects problems in time, when servers, users, accesses and applications are clearly accounted for. 

We tend to be able at any time to meet the client’s needs. 

Our company is technology. We follow the philosophy of the Unix Way and prefer to work with Ubuntu servers. We value rationality, efficiency and simplicity in choosing solutions.

We prefer:

  • Unified standard operations, it’s easier with them.
  • DevOps and Infrastructure as a Code in server administration for even the smallest clients.

We want to constantly develop the technologies and practices we use:

  • Formally describe infrastructures. This provides repeatability, documentation and Disaster Recovery, minimizing configuration drift.
  • Systematize all available information in order to further apply this information in automation.
  • Minimize the number of manual operations. There will be fewer errors due to the human factor, tasks will be done faster.
  • Constantly accumulate and develop code in configuration management systems, scripts and other utilities. Share them in Open Source.
  • Be able to develop software and methodology agile way in order to quickly expand the list of typical tasks depending on the needs of customers.

We welcome mutual learning, hiring interns and growing specialists internally, we are tolerant of their current skills, learning rate and rate of qualification growth.

On the other hand, we recognize the right of everyone to find their own comfort zone and not engage in active self-development. 

Therefore, we appreciate the opportunity for everyone to find a suitable place for themselves.

We work remotely, without offices and unnecessary bureaucracy.

Our value is independence of choice. Therefore, we prefer to work with a large number of small, interesting clients, instead of a small number of large ones. This allows us to maintain our independence, both technically and financially.