Work has been begun on sysadmws-utils-v1. The following key changes are planned:

  • Management of backups and checks through pillars. Perhaps the description of the checks will become part of the description of backups. We completely refuse to use custom grains.
  • The name sysadmws-utils will only be used for the name of the package that installs the rest of the utilities and is removed from use in pillars.
  • Each utility gets its own root pillar, without being nested in sysadmws-utils:, for example, rsnapshot_backup:, disk_alert: and so on.
  • Utility root pillars get their root folders in /srv/pillar. Existing pillars spread across inventory and other folders will be migrated into them.
  • Most vendors make /opt/vendor/product folders, our utilities fall out of that scheme with /opt/sysadmws-utils. Therefore, in version 1, we go to the /opt/sysadmws/utility_name folders, for example, /opt/sysadmws/rsnapshot_backup, /opt/sysadmws/disk_alert and so on.
  • At the same time, such a change in folder names will allow you to install both old and new utilities at the same time and smoothly switch to new ones.
  • Utilities will receive configuration states of the same name in sysadmws-formula.
  • Utilities will be installed in a completely unconfigured state (thereby, old and new crons will not conflict), configuring with salt is implied.
  • Gradually we plan to move from flat config files and awk to pillar, yaml, json, python. Wrapping existing code first, then refactoring.



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