2018-06-16 A pillar pkg.ssh_keys.sysadmws.backup_servers was written to manage backup server ssh keys. The pillar was added to all unix hosts and to the minion acceptance instructions.

2018-06-08 An example of installing wordpress was added to sysadmws-formula + the formula was added to install sorts from archives on the Internet, which was necessary for this feature.

2018-06-06 Added reset: True pillar processing to sysadmws-formula/ufw_simple to reset firewall on application.

2018-05-24 We added in state

  • Handling the password_never_expires user parameter.
  • Adding to groups with the groups parameter.
  • Adding to the Description, we enter there, for example, the name of our organization for our admin users.
  • A little order has been put in this piece of the formula in principle. It is also documented how to convert 2008 Standard to Enterprise, which will allow you to use the old and tested ready-made image for more powerful hardware and not run into restrictions.
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