• We finished a milestone to migrate all clients to a code-managed ufw firewall.
  • The SaltStack code has finally been moved to the git repository.
  • CI has been attached to the salt, which:
    • Checks new .sls, .jinja files for correct rendering of yaml and jinja.
    • If successful, pushes the new code to the salt masters.
    • Does code testing.
  • pillar/top.sls torn to pieces – now per client. Hook is described for gluing when updating the repository.
  • The version control of formulas connected as submodules in repositories is mastered.
  • The model of moving client pillars to a separate repository was tested.
  • State.highstate by cron with e-mail exhaust is desibled, highstate is broken into a bunch of jobs launched via CI.
  • The code for checking backup coverage rsnapshot_backup.check_coverage has been written, which checks the configuration of local and remote backups on minions according to the v1 scheme. Including it looks into the folders of the first two levels of the file system and tries to find non-standard data.

A lot 🙂 .

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