• cmd_check_alert received many updates, for example, you can run separate configs with different frequency in the cron
  • The following universal checks for linux are described and added to the template:
    • CPU usage 90%/95%
    • memory usage 80%/90%
    • swap usage 70%/80%
    • swap usage 1024mb/2048mb in absolute values
    • free netfilter conntrack slots
    • firewall openness to the whole world except ports 80, 443
    • mounted all drives from /etc/fstab
    • status of smart disks (previously sent to the mail, now also in monitoring)
    • software raid status (previously received by mail, now also in monitoring)
    • the presence of uninstalled updates that have an impact on security (according to cvescan for ubuntu and yum database for centos)
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