Technical updates 22.04.22 resized
  • Due to the needs of the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the ability to temporarily disable monitoring and monthly billing without transferring the client to another tariff has been added to accounting.
  • Many fixes and improvements have been made in accounting. The hourly billing can now also be taken into account from the time spent in Merge Requests.
  • Added ability to add Monthly Asset Share for engineers.
  • Invoice Details links now point to a specific comment in an issue or merge request in GitLab.
  • Written state for GitLab and gitlab-runner installation and configuration formula.
  • The lxd state is adapted to the use of Windows virtual machines.
  • Switched to using GitLab 14, added the ability to configure the built-in Mattermost to the state and started using it.
  • We did the long-planned refactoring of the php-fpm and app states.
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