In the description of servers in clients’ yamls, the accounting date field is replaced by two fields:

  • activated – date of activation of the tariff, it is mainly necessary to find the debt on this server and add it in the next period when the monthly subscription for the rest of the servers has already been set before the server is added.
  • added – the date of adding the tariff – is compared with the date of the previous billing of monthly subscriptions: if before the previous billing, then the debt described in the paragraph above has already been covered, if after the previous billing, then this debt still needs to be covered.

Without dividing by these two dates, it is impossible to understand whether it is necessary to cover the server debt.

Such subtle nuances occur in quite rare cases – when switching to new tariffs, etc.

Engineers should not think much about these dates. In the most common case: a server was ordered, the server was issued, we add a new server entry to the client’s yamlik, where activated = current_date, added = current_date.

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