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python_rsnapshot_backup_version,_gitlab_admin_group_vars,_pxc_state resized

One of the foundations of the stability of our solutions has always been the rsnapshot_backup utility. It was written about 10 years ago using the AWK language, which is quite unusual. And the need to rewrite it in python, which is used for most other utilities, is long overdue. Finally it was done. The new version of the utility is gradually being introduced on new servers, and the rsnapshot_backup state in the formula has been updated for it. Among the new features:

  • using yaml conf file
  • the ability to retain at the backup server level

Work has begun on the integration of xtrabackup and mysqlsh backups.

Added the ability to describe groups to gitlab-admin which is very convenient for managing a large number of CI/CD variables, now also at the group level.

A new pxc state has been added to the formula, which helps describe the installation of packages and configurations for Percona XtraDB clusters or just Percona mysql databases.

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