• we are cleaning up the blockages that have appeared in monitoring after adding new auto-discovery types of checks
  • nevertheless, many dozens of bugs have been fixed in the code of checks
  • a feature of mass checking of task markup has been added to accounting (more convenient and faster during billing)
  • in accounting, the feature of choosing the currently active tariff has been added
  • ditched alerta-urlmon in favor of check-http by sensu
  • work on raising tariffs has been completed: a couple remained on the old ones, but mostly tariffs were increased
  • only 3 clients left without a separate repository salt
  • added the feature of filtering messages in telegram from alerts by severity
  • the severities of many types of events in monitoring have been combed so that only relevant information comes to telegram
  • Accounting moved to OpenSource
  • encountered and barely overcame the problem of the root certificate, which was expired on September 30: a lot of things broke both for us and for our clients
  • written state for heartbeat_mesh/receiver
  • state alerta is written instead of app+pkg
  • written sub-client templating, which allows:
    • pull files from subclient repositories and thereby get rid of submodules over time
    • apply jinja templates in files based on customer descriptions
    • it remains to figure out how to configure the firewall rules through subclient templating
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