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новина 05.23 – 1

Added the ability to increase the size of the stored job log in gitlab for the salt repository with minions. Useful for options when, for example, such a log for a backup job becomes very large and is needed in a larger volume for error processing.

We rewrote the code for working with variables in gitlab-admin, now adding new variables jobs up to 100 times faster. It took such a fix because in some projects with a large number of changes to their variables, changes took place for almost an hour.

Also, in the same place, for the description of variables, the option to switch raw (expand) variable settings was added.

Added to the bootstrap installation of cron to clean up temporary salt-ssh files that could grow to significant sizes.

We completed the transfer of old customers to tariffs with hourly payment instead of included works. A few years ago, we had tariffs with unlimited work included, but over time we came to understand that the system with hourly payment is fairer for both the contractor (us) and the customer.

Wrote a utility and added a standard redis memory usage check pillar to our monitoring stack.

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