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новина на листопад

Added to the app state ability to deploy the list of files from the salt repository.

The docker image build for ARM machines was fixed in the salt project template. This was a small but actually very important fix that allowed our repository to be used by, for example, client developers. We underestimated how useful it can be to work together and use the infrastructure repository together with the client’s developers. It is very convenient when developers send MRs with changes to the deployment logic and have the opportunity to deploy the applications themselves.

A small state was added to the formula, which will help to install, for example, the required versions of utilities on runners.

Added the default values ​​of the alert dashboards to the pmm state itself, which made it possible to significantly reduce the pillar.

Fixed a bug that prevented the use of multi-line values ​​in vhost_defaults.

Added the ability to specify multiple htaccess files at the same time in the app state.

Added to gitlab-admin the function of updating only variables ./ --apply-variables and the example .gitlab-ci.yaml. This made it possible to automate the updates of variables in projects in gitlab with pipelines. The pipeline starts updating variables only for files that have changed since the MR was accepted or pushed to a secure branch.

Added a small redirect checker project to our collection of opensource projects. Often, SEO experts ask our clients to make 100500 redirects at the nginx level, and these scripts allow you to check the result, the input is provided as a CSV table.

Solved the problem ValueError: RSA key format is not supported on minion on old, 3001 versions of minions. To do this, it is enough to update the version of pycryptodomex on the minion.

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